Warrah’s centre based services use the centre as a base, and the local community is utilised for activities and engagement.

Clients can choose from a wide variety of activities in a centre-based setting that support quality of life and develop social and life skills reflective of each person’s life stage. Choices are broad, and include:

  • High quality arts and handcrafts such as music, felt making, painting, clay work;
  • Social programs such as outings to galleries and other places of interest;
  • Volunteering such as meals on wheels, newspaper deliveries, garden maintenance, farming;
  • Health based activities such as exercise, bush walking, gym, swimming;
  • Life skills such as using public transport, shopping, cooking;
  • Other community hubs and services such as furniture making at Dural Men’s Shed

Activities are changed and renewed regularly to meet the diverse interests of individuals.

Warrah's Centre Based Services operate weekdays 9am – 3pm.

For more information please contact David Forfar, Senior Manager Day Services on 02 9651 2411 or dforfar@warrah.org