Staff at Warrah school are supported to undertake ongoing professional development across a wide range of organisations. This may include visiting other schools providing special education to children to learn, network and share current learning and resources. Opportunities are also provided each year for teachers to attend the National and State based Steiner Education conferences and trainings as well as general educational workshops, conferences and webinars that offer specific skills or provide current research, areas of development such as the creative arts or one of the Key Learning Areas.  

We will also consider the possibility of providing a second Curative Training and Development Course for Warrah teachers and any other interested parties to deepen and develop the work. The current course has proven to be a stimulating program facilitating dialogue and learning for all and providing a place to explore a range of innovative teaching skills and resources. Such opportunities and commitments are essential to ensuring our teachers and teaching is responsive, creative and informed by current practice and the needs of parents and their children. 

Enquiries for placements, workshops should be made to the Principal Jan Fowler on 02 9651 2411 or