More about Biodynamics

As a fully certified biodynamic farm all our farming at Warrah is done naturally, we use no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilisers. As a biodynamic farm we work with the land holistically, observing nature and treating the farm as a living biological system that interacts with the natural environment and the wider cosmos.

Biodynamic farmers seek to work with rhythms of the moon, planets and constellations along with the use of specially formulated organic preparations to naturally enhance growth processes and manage pests and diseases.

The guiding principle for biodynamic farmers is to enliven and vitalise the soil. We do this through composting, the use of green manure crops, rotational grazing and the application of a variety of unique biodynamic preparations. The great emphasis that is placed upon the health and vitality of the soil results in healthy, vibrant plants and animals and nutrient dense produce.

Biodynamics is a broad industry with products including fruit, vegetables, dairy, wine, cosmetics, dry good and other grocery items.