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Celebrating 50 Years: Warrah in the Nineties

Nov 13, 2019

Celebrating 50 Years: Warrah in the Nineties

Liz Hamilton was a significant member of our staff team for over 35 years. As head teacher, Liz had a unique insight into the Warrah community, particularly at Warrah School. Liz shares her memories of her time at Warrah.

I wish to send my blessings to Warrah for this 50th birthday milestone! I am personally very appreciative of all that I learned at Warrah, from when I started work there in 1975 until my retirement in 2011. I especially wish to acknowledge Hannelor and Karl Kaltenbach for their amazing vision and dedication which inspired me and so many others!

I have been asked to share my memories of Warrah in the 1990s. I experienced Warrah change from an idealistic Steiner spiritual community where everyone lived on the property and operated as a large family -to the more structured organisation one sees today. In the 90s, I feel Warrah was in quite an ideal creative zenith.

I will speak about Warrah School out of my training in the ‘Steiner Curative Education and Social Therapy’ course. I gave educational cultural experiences to students appropriate for their age, delivered artistically through Eurythmy, movement, painting, sculpture, crafts, stories, poetry, music and drama. In this creative way, the students learned various life skills within a rich and soul nourishing environment.

During 1991- 2001 I trained part time in ‘Steiner Speech and Drama of the Creative Word’ while teaching at Warrah. My tutors included Annika Andersdotter, Martin and Josefin Porteous as well as many others. I directed and produced plays with staff at Warrah as well as my school classes. I adapted roles for each individual to use their gifts in each production. We had quite a lot of fun!

The Warrah festivals were marked with ‘St George and the Dragon’ in autumn, ‘The Sacred Flame’ in winter, ‘Persephone’ in spring and ‘The Wise Men’s Well’ for Christmas as well as Nativity pageants.

I abridged Shakespeare for my classes, with memorable performances of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, and ‘A Winter’s Tale’. We performed the Grail saga of ‘Parzival’, Arthurian legends, Tales of Charlemagne, Greek, Aboriginal, Native American and Maori myths and more!

The 1990s were really a wonderful enriching time! All of these great souls were my teachers and I feel humbled to have shared a part of their lives.

Liz Hamilton