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Warrah's Annual Report

Nov 11, 2015

Warrah's Annual Report

WARRAH Annual Report 2014-2015

Dear Families, Friends and Supporters of Warrah,

It is with pride that we present our 2014/15 Annual Report to you.

It has now been my privilege to serve Warrah for just on three years. With direction and support from Warrah’s Board, it has been a time of consolidation and development for us. Across Warrah much has been achieved. To list some of the milestones, we have:

  • Reconfirmed our mission and values as an organisation
  • Designed and implemented effective strategic planning processes
  • Restructured and built a skilled and enthusiastic Executive Team
  • Introduced training in both Curative Education & Social Therapy to bring our unique philosophy to life
  • Brought a focus to Community Development as a new and exciting area to explore with some great results
  • Implemented improvements to our built environment with the help of Warrah’s many friends, including the Bathroom Blitz (care of Brookfield Multiplex), heating and upgrading Warrah’s pool, installing solar panels, building a full kitchen facility in the School (care of FDC Fitouts) - to name just a few!
  • Progressed the renewal of Warrah’s group homes with the completion of the new Waratah and the sale of Semler cottage so we can build more housing for purpose
  • Achieved Third Party Verification for quality management practices against the Disability Service Standards
  • Undertaken intensive preparation for Warrah to operate and thrive in the new world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Continued to educate students with special needs through the only Rudolf Steiner Curative School in Australia
  • Revitalised the beautiful Warrah Biodynamic Farm

Warrah’s services continue to be second to none, and everything we do at Warrah, at its heart, serves the development of people and the development of community. Our warmest thanks to you, the extended Warrah community, for the support and appreciation you have given over this period, whether you are family, friend, supporter or all three!

I hope you enjoy this snapshot of a busy year found within your 2014/15 Annual Report.


Georgina Michaelis
Chief Executive Officer
14 October 2015