Our Mission

Warrah is a Rudolf Steiner organisation providing a range of engaging, responsive services for children and adults with intellectual disability that maximise each person's capacity for self-determination, creativity and contribution.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for Warrah to be known for its unique approach, innovative delivery and outstanding results in the provision of support that serves the needs and aspirations of individuals with intellectual disability. 

Our Values & Principles

1. Warrah’s service philosophy is informed by an Anthroposophical understanding of human development and the principles of Curative Education and Social Therapy.

2. We always uphold the rights and dignity of people with intellectual disability.

3. We uphold the National Disability Service Standards.

4. We strive for the highest standard of professional knowledge in providing quality education, services and support for both children and adults with disabilities.

5. We strive to understand each individual’s disability and needs, and provide support that empowers each person to make choices, develop and contribute.

6. We acknowledge and support the innate capacity of each individual to know their own intentions and social needs, regardless of disability.

7. We recognise that although the physical body or soul may have a disability, the spirit of every individual is unique, enduring and free of disability.

8. We support individuals to build and maintain community networks of interest in accordance with their wishes, and encourage engagement and exchange with our local community.

9. We recognise the important principle that all relationships throughout Warrah carry a quality of mutual learning and respect.

10. We strive for clarity and transparency in communication and decision making as the foundation for trust, harmony and productive working relationships.

11. We strive to be a Learning Community where learning and continuous improvement are embraced by every individual as well as by the organisation.

12. We enjoy the cultural diversity of the Warrah community and encourage its expression through Festivals, special events and other cultural activities.

13. Our commitment to sound, holistic environmental values is inspired by Warrah’s unique natural environment, and Warrah Biodynamic Farm.

Our History

In 1965 a small group of friends formed the Warrah Trust, and our founders, Karl and Hannelor Kaltenbach, started preparing our educational and vocational programs, utilising the principles of Rudolf Steiner’s Curative Education and Social Therapy. Karl and a small group of teenagers with disability began to clear the land at 20 Harris Road in Dural in preparation for a biodynamic and organic vegetable garden. During that time Warrah Society was formed, and 4 years later with financial assistance from the State and Commonwealth, the first residential cottages were built on the Dural campus. Since then Warrah has grown into a thriving community supporting people with disabilities and their families, as well as successfully providing the Hills District with organic and biodynamic produce.