In Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy the human being is viewed as a being of body, soul and spirit. All of the many educational, medical and social endeavours that came from Rudolf Steiner’s work thus approach the human being in an holistic way in order to promote health and balance and the possibility for development in each of these three spheres.

In Curative Education and Social Therapy each child and adult has the potential for development of body, soul and spirit. The dignity of each single human being and their potential for development is accepted as the basis on which all educational and therapeutic approaches to the child or adult with special needs are developed. 

Warrah Council

Warrah’s Council is charged with cultivating and maintaining Warrah's Anthroposophical ethos. The Council meets monthly and has a focus in the practical, cultural life of Warrah, aiming to cultivate interest, knowledge and engagement in our Anthroposophical approach. Warrah's Festivals are carried by this group, as well as other initiatives that enrich the community life of Warrah.