We have achieved some wonderful improvements to our facilities that provide great benefit to the many people with disability that Warrah supports.

This year we celebrate 50 years and are seeking your support for a project to establish a wheelchair-accessible therapeutic garden which will enhance training and education, and social interaction of people with disability across Warrah’s services. This new garden will be established as part of the existing spiral garden near the entrance to our main Harris Road campus.

The project will include a teaching space in the centre with raised garden beds, planting of fruit trees and edible, medicinal and sense stimulating native plants. Warrah clients will be actively involved in the construction of the garden in partnership with TAFE as we continue the learning and development of clients towards a Certificate in Work Education. This will further their skills, confidence and hands on experience with tangible results.

The garden will provide children and adults with meaningful opportunities to develop transferable skills, connect with nature, grow food, nurture plants, harvest and prepare meals and build social connections. The introduction of educational and therapeutic programs, workshops, courses and events in the therapy garden will further our mission to build social therapeutic opportunities through farming and gardening.

By making a tax deductible donation you will be helping to make this project a reality. Thank you for thinking once again of Warrah this financial year!

HOW TO DONATE: Make a donation online via the Donate button above. To donate with your Master or Visa Card please call our office on 02 9651 2411 or send a cheque to the Warrah Society - PO Box 357 Round Corner 2158.